Avoid One Night Stands In Your Twitter Accounts

For someone who has experienced a one-night stand, you will agree with me that it leaves a lasting memory.  It is short but explosive, just like a firecracker.  I would say Twitter has a couple of one-night stand experiences in the social media world.  It is short, but explosive and can lead to an instant relationship.

In other social networking sites, such as Facebook, majority of your contacts are the people you know, or at least you know.  On the other hand, with Linkedln, majority of your connections are either people who have done business with you or those who have worked with you.  Twitter is quite unique, since it is a place where pseudo-intimacies can be started and ended, with just one click of a button.  Strangers can bump into you, and if you are not relevant or interesting enough, they can just say goodbye to you in a click.

Facebook and Twitter differ in terms of social norms.  Facebook is like going out for coffee with your friends and talking about almost everything.  But Twitter is different.  The customs are so intricate, that it is hard to keep up.  You will need the best lines to attract people and get to know you.  It gives you a limited opportunity to give a first impression.  Your line, which is up to 140 in length, is the factor that will judge you whether you are worth following or not.
Making a One-Night Stand Awesome

You just had a one-night stand with a girl.  It is 9am and she is bed with you.  What will you do so that she will not have an awkward feeling at the moment that she wakes up?  This situation can be applied to your Twitter following.  You would want your Twitter followers to feel awesome and not make them feel awkward after adding them to your list.  You do not want them leaving, just like a woman creeping out of your room the day after you had sex.  Here are the things that you should do to keep your Twitter following:

•    You must avoid the awkward silence

In the morning after your explosive sexual encounter with a woman, you would want to talk to her.  But how can you speak to her?  You do not even remember her name.  This situation is the same with your Twitter followers.  If you do not communicate with them effectively, this will lead to follower regret.  They will un-follow you.  So, prevent this from happening to you, you have to engage and talk to your followers often.

•    You should show some level of intelligence

You should be able to engage them in a good and relevant conversation to avoid Twitter regret and people un-following you.  Whether you are on Twitter or in your bedroom with a woman, you should be comfortable in that situation.  If you will feel uncomfortable, then just like a woman you are with, your Twitter followers will be uncomfortable too.  A woman wants someone with self confidence and full of energy, just like your Twitter followers following you.  They want to be engaged in an intellectual discussion.

•    No more morning sex.

If a woman that you had sex with last night, would snuggle up to you again to have sex, then go ahead, do it!  This situation is similar on Twitter.  It will be frustrating if you are following someone new and you tweet them, but unfortunately they do not respond to you.

Think of the things that I have mentioned above. Learn how to get twitter followers by communicating with them more often, and in a short period of time you will be a star twitterer.  Always develop a good reputation.  Avoid doing a one-night stand on Twitter.

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