6 Invaluable Instagram Trends That Every Marketer Wants to Know

The potential of Instagram as a tool that every marketer must maximize got to the front burner with the news that the user profiles had exceeded the 500M mark as at 2016 Q2. However, beyond the euphoria that greeted the development, there are notable trends that you need to pay attention to if you must excel in Instagram marketing.

Here is an outline you will find useful:

#1 – Post Timing Apps

It does not serve you any good if the posts you make are of great quality but are inaccessible to your audience. A good marketer needs to be aware that there is a need to evaluate your followers so that you will be able to tell where they live, what demography they belong and most importantly, when they are most likely to be online.

If you must pay attention to the best schedule that suits your audience such that they can see what you are posting, you need to be aware of timing apps . These provides you a clue on how to optimize your post schedule. Iconosquare and Schedugram are two of the prominent tools that can help you time your posts effectively.

Once your audience analytics is at your fingertips, it becomes easy to time your posts and schedule them for the peak periods that makes it likely for them to be seen.

#2 – Influencer Marketing

The rise of influencer marketing is such that is akin to pop culture and fits seamlessly into the social media culture. Every Instagram user have one account or the other that is followed as a result of admiration or appreciation of the personality behind it.

The momentum for influencer marketing has increased as a result of the fact that many people possess competencies that their followers recognize. A well –known media personality like Kim Kardashian is revered for her fashion and fitness élan such that whatever she recommends is likely to get a huge acclaim.

In many fields of life’s endeavor, there are people that are notables and are regarded as an authority when it comes to their sphere of influence. Every marketer must come to speed with the use of influencer marketing to attain the desired ends for clients.

#3 – Image Filters

That visuals are necessarily the bulwark of Instagram is not in doubt but going past the surface of this assertion, you should know that there are 500 million other users possibly doing what you are into at any time. Essentially, that several other users are posting their images, should get you thinking.

On a platform as diverse as Instagram, there is no doubt that there is a wide field to play in but the likelihood of getting drowned is high if you are not doing anything differently. One trend that every marketer should know, is the clarion call to optimize images using filters and image apps.

Snapseed and Facetune are among the most reviewed apps that can help you filter your images before posting them so that your resolution is sharp and alluring. The other edge is that you can leverage on filters to enthrone a specter of consistency on your Instagram feed. Each time a follower or any user comes across your posts, the distinction needs to be clear and this will give you an edge that is commendable.

#4 – The GIF Push

The use of videos on Instagram has taken a life of its own and has also become widely acceptable. Beyond this, the adaptation that has evolved from the video mechanism comes across as a trend and it is GIF. The ease of GIF creation using ready apps makes it a pointer to take note of this in your marketing push.

Apps like the cinemagram and Gifboom have been thrust into the limelight of late and their use makes it easy for anyone to come up with content that is easy to view. Packaging a GIF can help a marketer get a client’s product or service to the awareness of millions of Instagram users with a limited budget.

GIF presents a new front for marketing which can be optimized to produce concise and appropriate content that users can latch on to. As a cost-effective alternative, GIF makes it possible to vary your marketing pitch so that more clients can be reached if you so desire.

#5 – User generated Content

There are a variety of content that are seen online and the source of these are as varied as the people you find on the platform. Instagram account holders often generate content that they need to post while at other times, the source can be such that has been curated.

The point of consideration is that marketers need to be aware that most of the best Instagram accounts in terms of followership and feedback make use of content generated by their followers. In this sense, this can be through reposts or sharing.

Any marketer that finds user generated content that could spur interest in the product or service that is under promotion, should identify such and explore. A repost for example does not need special protocols to get accomplished and if the user is your follower, you can be sure such gesture will be appreciated.

#6 – Inspirational post

The edge that Instagram provides goes across a wide field such that posts are not made with the intent to sell at all times. Even where this is always at the core, it needs to be smartly moderated so that some posts needs to be of inspirational value to your followers and any other user that comes across it.

Every marketer should pay attention to the reality that whatever has the capacity to go viral is such that needs to be given proper consideration. Such noteworthy celebrations like Thanksgiving Day, Mothers’ Day or other seasonal celebrations provide wonderful grounds for inspirational posts. A hashtag will complete such forays and make it worthwhile. #mothersday!

The end game of an inspirational post is such that bear fruits without doubt and this needs your attention and consideration.

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