15 Twitter Tips for Beginners: Updated Version To Accommodate Twitter and Technological Changes

Two years ago, a post entitled, “15 Twitter Tips for Beginners” was written. It is still very useful today especially for Twitter users.
The post was written before the launch of the iPad and before Version 1.0 of Android was released. Here is an updated version of the 15 Twitter tips for beginners:

1. Start off by posting a few unobjectionable posts, introducing yourself and mentioning your interests. For example, “I am Tom, a Social Media and Sustainability expert” or “I recently moved to Madrid, anyone here from Madrid?” Also, you must mention why you are using Twitter. For example, “I hope to learn more about cleantech.”

2. You have to build up or increase your network. You could begin by following your friends who are on Twitter also. At the same time, you have to know who they are following. You might know them too and you can start following them as well.

3. If you are posting a tweet like, “@tomraftery how are things going?” it will appear in the @Mentions tab on their Twitter page whether they are following you or not. If you are replying to a post using @reply and they can see you appearing in their @Mentions tab, they will likely visit your profile and they might follow you. This will be the best way to increase your network. These can be done with people who don’t know you that much but with whom you want to connect with.

4. You could also check TwitterGrader page for a location. If you are in Andalucia, Spain, you could check TwitterGrader page for Andalucia. Here, you could find interesting people or personalities you may want to connect with, for you to enter the local scene.

5. You could follow some people in that location and know who they are following and talking to or replying to. Consider following those people too.

6. If you are preceding a person’s username with “d”, it means that it will only send a private message to the person. For example, “d tomraftery how is everything?” This is a DM or direct message for tomraftery. You will be able to send a direct message to a person who is following you.

7. You could also ask your friends to pimp you to their followers on Twitter.
Using Twitter:
8. You could either use TweetDeck or Seesmic Desktop on your computer for reading posts or posting Tweets. I personally prefer that you use TweetDeck. In my opinion, Twitter web interface is probably the best when it comes to checking other people’s profiles and see who are they following on Twitter.

9. When you are using Android, it is best that you use Tweetdeck; for Blackberry, you can use Tweetcaster, Seesmic or Socialscope (Socialscope is still in private beta). I use Twitter iPhone client on the iPad or iPhone.

10. Two web-based mobile clients that I like are dabr and Twitter mobile interface.

11. Making a @reply to someone, hoping to get their attention and wishing that they will follow you, they might likely to click through to visit your Twitter page. In order to identify bots on Twitter, you have to check the person’s recent posts to check if he is just posting links or he is really posting messages. If the posts are all links, then do not follow him. If the person is following 1,000 people and have a very few followers, then he is a bot, who is just auto-following people.

12. I also check a person’s bio and click to view the person’s website. You have to fill in your bio, in order to get people to follow you.

13. If your Twitter page has Protected Updates, then, people will not follow you. Make sure your updates are not protected.

14. If you are into personal branding, it is better to use your own name than a handle on your Twitter account. For example, it is better to use @JohnDoe than @stargazer49, because it tells more about the user.

15. You should add a photo on your profile. It makes the profile more personal and more real. You should not forget that.

16. A BONUS TIP!!! – Use your Twitter username in your blog comments, email sig and in your business cards or stationeries. Use it appropriately and do not spam.

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